“Bill Plummer is undoubtedly the authority when it comes to knowledge of the people and events in the world of softball. I have known him for about thirty years and he knows the game, knows the events, and knows the people that have made softball such an amazing sport for millions of enthusiasts around the world. More importantly, he cares deeply for the integrity and advancement of the game. He has given unselfishly and honorably of both his professional and personal time so that individuals could have improved opportunities. Bill has a consuming passion for making a positive impact on the game and for creating additional moments of joy for those that coach, play, or watch softball. Bill Plummer is a true giver and he has given his life in a masterful effort to make the game better for all of us.”

– Bobby Simpson, former Georgia ASA commissioner, and owner and president of Higher Ground, Tifton, GA.

“There is no man or women in the softball community that has worked harder to document the progress of this sport from the youth, collegiate, and international Olympic Champions. I have known Bill Plummer for over 35 yrs, a man of integrity and consistency. Our sport has weathered many storms throughout the years, Bill Plummer has been the consistent voice, our lighthouse; providing all of us perspective and appreciation about this incredibly wonderful sport of fast pitch softball.  Bill Plummer witnessed five decades of softball’s greatest champions up close. Bill Plummer and Dr. Steven Clarfield, Ph.D. have co authored “Best of the Best…Women’s Fast Pitch Softball,”  which documents the diamond champions of the last forty years. Simply outstanding!”

– Sue Enquist, Former UCLA Softball Coach-27 yrs, 11-Time National Champion-UCLA, 4-Time Hall of Famer, 4-Time ASA Champion-Raybestos Brakettes, 1978 World Champion

“Bill Plummer has to be the one person I would consider a true historian for the game of softball.  I have had the pleasure of listening to his many stories and memories from the games he has witnessed and what I will always remember is his passion for following the game and documenting the great teams, players, and special moments of our great game!  Thanks Bill for your dedication, countless hours, and special ability to tell the story of dedicated people that played for the love of the game!”

– Coach Mike Candrea, Head Softball Coach, The University of Arizona

To the United States Olympic Committee, Bill has been Mr. Softball for at least two decades. He was the heart and soul of the sport that finally became a full Olympic sport in 1996. Without a doubt, Bill’s efforts at promoting the sport throughout the world helped women’s softball become part of the Olympic program.

“Bill was the press attaché for softball for 13 U.S. Olympic Festivals , a USOC event thatg featured 38 sports and more than 3,000 athletes. He also served in that capacity for two Pan American Games (1987 and 1995). In the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Bill was selected to serve as the Softball Information Manager for the Atlantic Olympic Organizing Committee. He was chosen for that spot from among softball experts around the world.

“He got to witness the U.S. Team win the gold medal in the first Olympic competition for the sport in the games.

“I can’t tell you how important Bill was to the U.S. Olympic Committee. He was someone who truly cared about this sport. His enthusiasm, knowledge of the sport and the professionalism endeared him to the media in the United States and throughout the world. “This relationship helped elevate the sport of softball to an international level of popularity and spawned an entire generation of young players who filled the spots at high schools, recreational leagues, universities and elite national teams.  It also helped the U.S. to become the best team in the world.

“Bill Plummer is special and has been an ambassador for his sport at the highest levels. In the world of the Olympic Games he’s one of the bright spots.”

-Bob Condron, Director of Media Services for the USOC, in an email April 27, 2004 in a letter supporting Plummer’s nomination for the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame. Condron will retire in January, 2012, after 28 years at the USOC in Colorado Springs, CO. as the Director of Media Services.

“Bill is ASA and we can’t thank him enough for his countless hours and dedication to this organization. The ASA is a better place because of Bill and he is and always will be the true historian of ASA.”

-Ron Radigonda, ASA executive director, said in BALLS & STRIKES magazine upon Plummer’s retirement from ASA.

“Who is Bill Plummer? He is a man who take his position very seriously, loves what he does and knows about softball that anyone I have ever  known. He has a good sense of humor and is always willing to help you when needed.  I once attended a national tournament where Bill was in attendance and found him busy with stats and following what was taking place on the field while having a conversation with me. There is only one Bill Plummer and I will always remember over talks over the years. He will always be my friend. “

Doug Dicey, former New Hampshire commissioner, said upon Bill’s retirement from ASA

“Working with Bill Plummer has been one of the highlights of my year. Bill is amazingly dedicated to the ASA organization, and has done an outstanding job of putting together the history of the organization for the 75th anniversary celebration. His his in-depth knowledge of the people, places and events surrounding the ASA is incredible, and made for a very interesting story.

“Bill was immediately responsive to any questions or requests that we sent him, no matter what the task, Bill would meet the deadlines every time. His intention and purpose throughout the project was clear: What is in the best interests of the organization? This was the standard by which he judged each and every sentence within the text, and his most-used response was simply,”I just want it to be as good as it can be to honor the ASA.”He remained true to this standard throughout the entire process. It was an honor to work with him.”

Gloria Martinez, editor-in-chief, Arnica Publishing, which produced in 2008 “The Game America Plays” which authored by Plummer. The letter is dated August, 21, 2008.