From the Preface by Coach Mike Candrea

Softball, as we know it today, can be traced to a foundation that has been built one season at a time by very special teams, players, and coaches who have a common passion and love for a simple game played with a bat, ball, and glove. A very special game played on a perfectly-formed diamond! We all know how special diamonds can be in celebrating lifetime achievements and special relationships.

The opportunity to say that you have been personally touched by the history of your sport does not appear often through a career in sports. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to be touched in so many ways by every one of the tremendous individuals highlighted in this great historical book – a book that tells, with clarity, simplicity and inspiration, the story of the people who have paved the way for the game we all enjoy today! I have learned something new about almost every person discussed here, and reading these stories allowed me to recall some wonderful experiences throughout my career. I admire the common thread of a strong commitment to excellence and competitive spirit. Most of all, I admire their continued involvement and strong desire to give back to the sport we all love.

Thank you for this outstanding book, which will give the reader an opportunity to gain a valuable historical and philosophical perspective while enjoying tremendous insight and background into the great pioneers of softball who have had an impact on our game. This book is a great resource that not only honors the faces of our game, but gives outstanding stories that will help teach improvement in the game of softball and life!

From the preface, written by Coach Mike Candrea.

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