Women’s Fast Pitch Softball: Best of the Best

“Funny thing about passion: it can’t be sustained without being real. And the best of the best in any field you can name have it. This is a book about women’s fast pitch softball and the very few who have risen to the top of the game. We are Bill Plummer, a journalist for 50 years and Steve Clarfield, Ph.D., a practicing psychologist for 40 years. We have joined our efforts to provide a book that is as meticulous as you would expect a journalist to be and as thoughtful regarding the factors contributing to anyone’s success as you would expect a psychologist to be.” – from the Introduction of Best of the Best.

“You might be amazed at how much one can learn from Best of the Best.” –  Dot Richardson, MD

We benefit so much by studying “best of the best” performers, no matter their field of excellence. In the case of this book, that field is softball. And the 19 athletes profiled in these pages have something to teach each of us on our own journey to be the best we can be.

“This book is a great resource that not only honors the faces of our game, but gives outstanding stories that will help teach improvement in the game of softball and life!” – Coach Mike Candrea

Let the stories of these 19 athletes inspire you and show you how to get where you want to be.

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